Prof. dr. Rick Dijkhuizen

Rick Dijkhuizen is professor of Experimental and Translational Neuroimaging, and head of the Biomedical MR Imaging and Spectroscopy group, part of the Center for Image Sciences at the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU) (The Netherlands). His research focuses on multiparametric imaging of brain structure and function in health and disease, with particular emphasis on (1) development of tools for improved diagnosis of brain pathophysiology, (2) characterization of neural network (re)organization, and (3) monitoring of neuroprotective and -restorative therapies. He has been particularly involved in preclinical MRI studies to get improved insights in stroke pathophysiology and recovery. At the UMCU he has recently initiated a translational (bench-to-bedside-and-back) research program on non-invasive brain stimulation as a treatment to promote functional recovery in stroke survivors, which involves collaboration with the Departments of Neurology and Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy Science & Sport, Rehabilitation Center De Hoogstraat, and Brain Science Tools B.V. This program includes execution of clinical trials on the therapeutic efficacy of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) for the promotion of upper limb recovery after stroke.

Rick Dijkhuizen collaborates with various national and international institutions on topics such as acute stroke treatment, stroke recovery, brain repair and functional imaging. He is Founder and Chair of the Netherlands Experimental Stroke Alliance, and Associate Editor of Frontiers in Neurology/Stroke and the Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism.