Prof. dr. Kwakkel | President DSNR

Prof. dr. Gert Kwakkel received a chair ‘Neurorehabilitation’ at the Amsterdam University Medical Centre in Amsterdam in 2008. His chair is dedicated to translational research in the field of neurorehabilitation with special focus on the longitudinal relationship between brain plasticity and motor recovery early post stroke. Professor Kwakkel is one of the TOP researchers at the VU University medical Centre in Amsterdam. This award was received since his advanced ERC laureate that he received together with Professor Dr. van der Helm of the European Commission in 2011. Finally, Dr. Kwakkel is president of the Dutch Society of NeuroRehabilitation in the Netherlands since 2010.

Professor Kwakkel published more than 300 papers with more than 20.000 citations in the field of stroke rehabilitation (H-Index 74 following Web of Science). In 2018, he received an honorary fellowship from the Associated Physiotherapists in Neurology (ACPIN) in the United Kingdom and the Outstanding Neurorehabilitation Clinician Scientists (ONCS) Award from the American Society of Neurorehabilitation. Finally he received an honored designation of a classroom that was entitled with my name at the institute Health at Zürich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) in Winterthur, Switserland in 2021. Finally, professor Kwakkel is member of the editorial board of Stroke and European Editor of Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair.